pier museum

miami, 2009

1st prize competition

The reiteration of vertical elements creates a horizontal sculpture, an ethereal and transcendent landmark that celebrates immigrants’ identity. The Pier Museum is located at the end of the 5th avenue of Miami Beach and is made by corten steel blades. They form the longitudinal walls of the museum, "invade" the beach, and continue on the 5th avenue and spread around Miami and the entire U.S.A. territory.
The vertical blades making up the museum structure, cage and hold the transparent exposition space up identifying a pure volume in an aleatory rhythm that evokes the wave motion.
The volumetric simplicity of the building and its decomposition in bi-dimensional steel elements creates a symbolic language referred to all immigrants arrived on these shores in search of their personal American dream.
The project pretends to house itself in the sea landscape establishing a dialog of balance with the existing natural elements; evoking the traditional structure of a pier that silently reaches the sea.