suite d'autore

suite 12
quick-change design

palermo, 2009

1st prize competition

The quick-change design allows the hotel room to be not only a place of rest but also a space for work and daytime activities.
The project idea is to create a space that can be transformed complying with the different needs of our contemporary living and the requirements of comfort, elegance, simplicity and aesthetics at the same time.
The suite itself becomes a tridimensional art installation where the guest is involved from the tectonic gravitating tension of the metal despite the purity and lightness of the walls and the floor. The project is structured through a formal and minimalist design language, with particular attention to proportions and the expressive language.
The sliding bed drawer based and the small table are the two elements for a versatile and multipurpose space: when the bed is open, the suite becomes a real hotel room; while sliding the bed inside it turns into a sofa, freeing up the space for a living room and a space to have rest.
This latter aspect allows the use of the suite for those clients who need to do temporary work activities. At their disposal they have a space with shelves and a desk, functional to the study at the same time being in a large space that in a quick- change it will become different from the night space.