MIAMI, 2009 - competition

A vegetal sloping terrace made up of a system of stairs, ramps and green area connects the metro mover to the park and the surrounding area (Biscayne bld, Marina waterfront and the north area).
A steel shelter guarantees protection from sunlight and rain. The repetition of the main structure element forms a horizontal land sculpture that plays as a hinge between the verticality of Miami downtown and the horizontality of the metro line, the park and the sea.
The project intends to be an element of continuity with the park; it houses seating place and become a place of rest, enjoying the strategic position of the site.
The access of the new metro mover station is situated under the sloping terrace and it is accessible from both north and south side. This make disappear (viene nascosto) the “building” of the metro mover station.
The metallic shelter is made by a steel structure of pillars and beams with a distance of 3 meters. Steel panels,palced between the beams, make a rhythm of opaque and transparent areas. They filter the sunlight on the platform area evoking abstractly the shadow of a palm tree.
In the north side the Metromover station represents a reiteration of vertical elements that make a porch denoting the entry of the station. In the south side, the shelter becomes a horizontal filter roof that frame(filtra) the view of the park and the sea.