latina forum

latina, 2009 - competition

In collaboration with:
Arch. Loredana Nicolosi

The Latina Forum is a multi-purpose structure that contributes to the development and promotion of Latina and the Pontine area. The geographical location offers great potential given the proximity of Rome and the relationship with the infrastructure system: the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino, the ring hightway and the A1 motorway.
The Latina Forum is a new cultural center model, exhibition and artistic, which creates a spatial reference system booster, which can accommodate events large turnout at regional, national and international.
• The big event hall for 1800 seats is ideal for concerts at big draw, conventions, sporting events.
• The large auditorium with 840 seats along with smaller rooms and multi-purpose environments allow the center to be able to carry out congresses and shows of various kinds.
• The exhibition space, with its 5600 square meters of exhibition areas, allows the preparation of major events for national exhibitions, festivals and events.
• The open-air theater with 1,000 seats and the spacious parking and circulation permit flexible use for summer concerts and large events.
The two volumes that form the Latina Forum building are oriented so as to create a path that connects the square of the complex with the green area of ​​the canals. The orientation of the two volumes create the main directions of the project. With a view to recovery and urban reuse, the canal can become a nature trail walking and cycling link between the center of Latin and the area, and extend the territory.