Piazza Belvedere

selinunte, 2010

2nd prize, winner for piazza belvedere - competition

in collaboration with:

Artist Croce Taravella

ABGroup Ingegneria

The project involves the redevelopment of some areas that make the access to the Nature Reserve of the Belice river. It consists of two groups of interventions: the belvedere square and paths within the reserve.
Belvedere square
The first operation defines the boundary of the town and has two main functions: belvedere square and access to the reserve with its Pavilion.
The section of the square is developed in terraces that adapt to the topography, they form linear seating that, dropping in altitude, liberate the view on the horizon and the nature reserve.
To emphasize the characteristic of transitional space and of filter between the urban area and the reserve is planned to use natural materials such as flooring in natural stabilized land and seating in concrete with natural aggregates, combined with the “expressive elements "in cor-ten steel, of the access pavilion to the reserve and the art installation inspired by Greek architecture and nature.
The volume of the pavilion is a stretched rectangular, excavated by subtraction of parts that form a balanced sequence of full and empty. It houses a polyvalent space for the use of the nature reserve and some services that improve the quality of urban life.
Paths within the reserve
The second operation consists of the requalification and rehabilitation of existing paths within the reserve. Along the paths are realized specific interventions designed to increase sensory perception of the natural elements: belvedere, relaxing places, shadow spots, places for reflection and contemplation of nature.