parco solare sud

calabria - italy, 2010

honourable mention

in collaboration with: Arch. Laura Baragiola

Promenade and pavilions
The project consists in a panoramic promenade located on the north-south carriageway, it Is marked by punctual steel elements distributed in a fluid and dynamic rhythm.
The steel elements hold up a sinuous transparent roof which protects the pathway and houses a series of pavilions for cultural, recreational, and educational activities that will promote a strong social and media message.
The repetition of vertical element of different section and size creates a continuous and bended line lying on the viaducts and establishes a balanced dialog with the natural background.
The solar park is provided of two pavilions entry at south side next to Scilla and north side next to Bagnara and two vertical connections near Favazzina. It is equipped with a line of services made of pavilions that house cultural activities, research and investigation; some pavilions are dedicated to agriculture. The tunnels are reused some of them become exhibition space other mushroom cultivation.

Alternative and renewable sources
Photovoltaic panels, solar cells and small wind generators are integrated on the roof which varies its width according to the sun light exposition; it is larger in the place better exposed to sun light. Photovoltaic panels are located on the roof of pavilions while solar cells shelter and shade the entire promenade.