centre for promotion
of science

belgrad, 2010 - competition

The building is characterized by volumetric simplicity and its dynamism is conferred by sharp and cutting forms and by the alternation of mass and void, shadow and light.
The building is a white stone sculpture, symbol of purity and simplicity which evokes the technology as contemporary culture continues to identify it, with the images of white spaceships on the cosmos. Moreover, the use of white is in reference to the historic tradition of - Belgrade "white city".
The centre of science in white colour stands out as element of the transformation of the urban landscape of New Belgrade where the grey socialist housing blocks and the new multicoloured buildings of the post socialist globalization still coexist.
The building is a horizontal sculpture placed on the topography of the site and positioned parallel to the highway on which side is located the entrance platform that houses the entrance to the Center, to the auditorium and to the administration area. A mirror of water is set against to the building, it defines and separates the different accesses.