I Portici. residential - office - retail

frosinone, 2011 - competition

In collaboration with: Arch. Laura Baragiola

The building is located parallel to the “Villa Comunale”, and it represents a urban turning point between the Villa Comunale and the residential area of the ​ Aldo Moro street axis; the building stands on the ground floor as a permeable element and a pedestrian path.
Volumetrically the project consists of two elements with the main functions that is residential and commercial as shopping centre. Il blocco delle residenze è formato da una stecca piegata, posta sopra una “piastra” formata da patii verdi, spazi porticati e i padiglioni per il commercio.
The residential block of flats is composed of a bent stick, placed on a "plate" formed by green patios, porches and commercial pavilions.
Il volume delle residenze forma una quinta della Villa Comunale. Il trattamento della facciata con un sistema di corpi aggettanti, delle logge e delle coloriture puntuali forma una composizione dinamica che intende connotare lo snodo urbano e dialogare con il verde.
The volume of the residences form curtain wall of the Villa Comunale. The façade with a system of overhang elements, with loggias and colorings form a dynamic composition that tries to capture the urban hub and dialogue with the green. The geometry of the building also allows you to equip all apartments in panoramic views of the house, privileging the living areas.
The "Arcades" become urban gathering places designed to host exhibitions and events, the center of cultural, recreational and functional; therefore constitute a new pole of attraction where you can combine business and leisure facilities and residential areas; are present within them bars, restaurants, accommodation of different types, which allow you to make this livable space and congenial contemporary living.