auditorium acilia

acilia, 2011 - competition

The project plans the organization of the park by a linear system of paths related to the main axis, parallel to the Via Ostiense, where are located some of the main public functions. The auditorium, placed in a decentralized position, allows the park to be extended seamlessly and become the distinctive element of the new centrality of Acilia.
The building acts/ is like as the “crossing space” connected to the park. The structuring axis of the park becomes the organizing principle of the building.
The criterion is to relate the project to the topography: the path from the park continues into the building crossing it longitudinally with a terraced foyer that connects the main entrance to the lower portion of the park in Via Crippa with the cafeteria and the multipurpose room to the upper portion of the park.
The interior finish of the building reflects the functions which correspond to the shapes that make up the building.
The volume is the result of the intersection of two pure solids: the auditorium closed volume and the translucent volume which contains other functions.
The architectural skin that cages and protects the volume of the park is composed of a sequence of translucent glass with different opacity, which, along the facade, are shortened and rotate gradually as an harmonic movement.