services pavilions

Expo 2015

milano, 2012 - competition

In collaboration with:

Architrend studio associato,

ABGroup Ingegneria

The project idea of the service architecture is characterized by the concepts of anti - monumentalism and sustainability through the lightness of the elements.
The theme of Expo 2015:"Feeding the Planet Energy for Life", derives a different idea of the universal exposure that goes beyond the representation of the scientific and technological progress, achieving the fundamental concept of sustainability: respect for nature, creating a landscape pattern, with minimum employment of energy resources and a zeroing of waste of materials and non-renewable energy.
The creative proposal aims to the recognition of the service architectures through a uniform cladding of all the buildings made by white micro - mesh fabric.
The white micro - mesh fabric is arranged with transverse bands that bind to the structural frame of the Expo master plan, and at the same time they recall the geometric order of anthropized farmland. Moreover, on one hand they gives the building a strong identity in complete harmony with the structures that characterize the main paths of the expo and on the other hand the white micro - mesh fabric are also connected to the green areas and to the agricultural lots of pavilions recalling the ground cloth used in horticulture to protect plants from the wind and the sun.