house of prayer

berlin, 2012 - competition

in collaboration with:

Arch.Manuel Gujber

ABGroup Ingegneria

The project of the house of prayer and learning originates from the desire to create a unique building that represents the encounter and the dialogue between the three religions: Christian, Jewish and Muslim. The concept is expressed by a pure and compact volume which raises from the existing foundation of an ancient church, and point the sky through three towers.
The house of prayer would be a "modern" building and a symbol of a new historical phase in which dialogue and sharing are the key factors for a peaceful integration between religions in our contemporary multicultural context. The distinctive geometry of the triangular openings is made up of linear structural elements that crossing each other they symbolize the union, the connection and the attitude to meet and join together peacefully.
The volume is pierced by a system of openings for subtraction to the structural system, in reference to the Gothic tradition and to the Gothic Revival of the existing church. This system of triangular openings confers to the building a strong character and a spiritual identity.
The building plan treat equally the three religions, indeed three places of worship for each religion are planned and a central space is planned in order to promote meeting and dialogue.
Rising up on the archaeological rests it stands up on pillars, the building gives shelter to the archaeological area always keeping it entirely free and accessible.