alcamo, 2012


The trade fair pavilion project for the promotion of wineries has the leaf vine as its design reference. The reticular and asymmetrical vein patterning that gives structure to a vine leaf, is reinterpreted in stylized form to create a “skin” that surrounds the pavilion space. This particular structure generates a filtered texture evoking the characteristic of a creeper vine shrub.
The vine leaf identity and its clear recognition in the structure of the pavilion, as well as represent a “container” it gives to it the natural “icon” of the product that it represents, encouraging the visitor to discover and taste the wine.
The project is developped in a grid of 4 modules: 30, 60, 90 and 120 cm, of 3 meters height. Increasing the number of modules it is possible to obtain trade fair pavilions of different size (from the small one 34sqm to the x-large one 102sqm) always recognisable.
The modular grid allows a flexible layout and let the pavilion be adapted to different trade fair configurations: isolated pavilion, corner pavilion, in line pavilion with only one open side or head pavilion with three open sides.
With the aim to comply with a eco-friendly design approach the pavilion is made by lightweight and recyclable materials also suitable to be simple assembled and disassembled.