Europan 12 - venezia. mestre multifunctional district 

in collaboration with Arch. chiara gugliotta - 2013 - runner up

The project objective is the redevelopment of Mestre station area and its surroundings. The design approach, depending on the case, consists both in the redevelopment and in the transformation with replacement of existing elements, in vision of a sustainable urban development in favor of the ecology and the economic feasibility.
A critic evaluation of the existing structures provided the coordinates for the intervention methods based on the reuse and development of the town, combining the proposal with ongoing transformations, integrating with them, where necessary, to encourage a holistic reading and to strengthen the “dialogue” between the existing and the project. The main lines of the project going through the buildings and their exterior, has generated the architectural form and the organization of the spaces. The development of linear compositional axis determined the directions of the pedestrian and the cycle paths.
Today, the train station of Mestre is an essential railway junction, undersized in services and infrastructure / in transport equipment with respect to the daily flow of transports. It is conceived as an urban place, with the aim to offer to its passengers an innovative intermodal mobility as opposed to the existing system. A concentration of transport and services will encourage and integrate its numerous needs as active exchange hub, node of the new metropolitan area.
The volume of the new station,replacing the existing one, it extends in length by 280 m aligning itself with the street axis of Via Dante. It appears as a horizontal parallelepiped, whose linearity is, however, interrupted on the front of Via Trento, with coves, cutouts, overhangs breaking the volume. It follows a reading of the volume proportions closer to the surrounding urban fabric.
The route is marked by a double-height spaces system, which relates different levels of the building and allows light to reach the ground at a height of -1, where the links between the building of the station , the tracks, the pedestrian cycle underpass that leads to Marghera and the planned underground tram stop are developed.
The design approach in the area of Piraghetto park, took into consideration the changes that are taking place, comparing on the one hand, with the choices with the manifested necessity to increase the residential settlement, and on the other hand with the desire to maintain and enhance the historical memory of the railway operations, concentrated in the warehouse of the goods yard.
The railroad system frames the park and of the abandoned area with the route of the old tracks and it generates the paths system of the park.