ludoteca per l'infanzia

milano, 2014

in collaboration with: Arch. Antonio Licari

The project of the Game room "Childhood - Pavilion " aims to create a space adapt to accommodate children with disabilities, and at the same time an integrated space to the Park "La Biblioteca degli Alberi".
The connection between the Game room and the Park is marked by a structural skin that cage the building stylizing the arboreal component. The harmonious appearance outlines the building as an "episode" in the park. The colour configuration of the glass surfaces is connected to the coloring of the species present in the Park. This plant component defines a funny playground that evokes the concept of a "hut", intended as a secure, private and close space and at the same time a reassuring space that can be shared with somebody.
Recognizable and Social identity spaces generate a peaceful and harmonious physical environment that allows all recreational and learning activities for children.
The cage of the volume is made up of a structural framework by insulating reinforced concrete, very high strength. Inside the structural framework between the voids there is a variation of opaque insulating panels and triple - glazed windows. This confers an excellent thermal performance by softening thermal dispersion during the winter season.
On summer season, the opening even automatic of windows and skylights ensure appropriate natural ventilation, allowing the building an adequate level of environmental comfort.