in collaboration with:
ABGroup ingegneria
Arch. Antonio Licari
Arch. Pierluigi Turco

Wind and sea merge together to give form to a new iconic building, light and dynamic expression of the identity of Helsinki.
The new Guggenheim museum in Helsinki is located along the port waterfront between the urban boundaries, the TähtitorninVuori park and the sea.
The building has a waved roof that recalls the wind and the sea, two of the constant natural elements in Helsinki landscape.
The roof, higher in the west side (facing the park) glide softly towards the sea.
The building is made up of 8 elements placed perpendicularly to Etelaranta Laivasillankatu street. These elements move towards the sea through big glass walls that allow the visual permeability with the sea.
The main entry is in the north side facing the market place. The front of the building is parallel to the front line of Eteläinen Makasiinikatu buildings but it slightly steps forward to announce his presence to the town. A pedestrian bridge will connect the Guggenheim museum with the park and other museums surrounding. The service access street to the museum and to the port area is planned on the north side.