Bamiyan Cultural Centre

Bamyan - Afghanistan, 2015 - COMPETITION

in collaboration with: arch. Sofia Montalbano

Drawing inspiration from the verticals furrows in the stones of the Buddha cliff, the facade is modulated by vertical cuts that open the view to the surrounding landscape, connecting the building with the Bamyan Valley.
Buddha cliff, the valley and Bamyan river are the 3 natural elements that establish the placing principle of the project. The edge of the slope where the building is located confirm and reinforce the location and orientation of the building.
The main pedestrian and car access to the site is from south east, here an entry square is located just in front of the existing green area and it welcomes the people and direct them to the access ramp of the cultural center, to the belvedere square and promenade and to lowest part of the site.
Standing in the border of the slope the building has a visual connection with the Buddha cliff. In this way the project take a privileged position in the site as a landscape landmark of the Bamyan valley. The building is organized in two levels adapting to the natural morphology of the site. The volume and the internal layout has been designed with two entries at two different levels related to the topography of the site (up 2555m, down 2545.5m). Connecting the two levels the Bamyan Centre becomes part of the landscape.
The local orography has inspired the layout of the exterior areas of the project: the pathways cut the site and connect the different areas. The pathways symbolize the scars of the past of Bamyan on which to built the cultural center: symbol of a future of freedom, peace and growth.
Courtyard and patios enrich the spatiality of the project recalling the typical afghan architecture. The courtyard is defined by two perpendicular sides of the building and the existing topography. The future extension will form the third side of the courtyard.