agrigento, 2013


in collaboration with: Joan Puigcorbè, Sofia Montalbano, ABGroup Ingegneria

The walkway is designed as sculptural element which is integrated with the enchanting environment of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, it establishes a sort of dialogue with the valley which is inspired by the landscape and architectural features of the area. The main purpose of the pedestrian walkway is to restore unity to the path of the archaeological park which is divided by the crossing of the 118 highway ; and to allow a safe use of the park giving the visitor the perception of this as a unique and organic element. The romantic aspect of the ruins, the concept of non-finished which these evoque, the anastylosis restoration interventions performed over the years, led to an image of the Valley of the Temples characterized by elements of different heights and sizes, different expressive and formal modules. The different heights of the columns of the nearby temple of Heracles were transfigured and architecturally reinterpreted in the walkway, in a dynamic sequence of vertical elements of different heights which generates a shimmering, producing an effect of transparency, of dematerialization, of anti-tectonic.

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