dessau, 2015 - COMPETITION

The building is designed as a cover over the park, an element that rises amongst the green and relates to the high volumes of the surrounding area.
The choice of using a multistory building maintains the character of public park on much of the area, the reduced footprint of the building on ground will limit in only two cases the cutting down of trees. The daring volume with its bold cantilever characterized the building as an innovative icon of the  Bauhaus museum.
The building is located in the middle of the competition site area in a space clear of trees. The main vertical volume is settled just in front of Ratsgasse street becoming the background view for the people coming from the east part of the city.
The museum is accessible from a lobby open to the city, east side, and to the park, west side;  next to the 2 entries are foreseen parking for bicycles, to facilitate accessibility to the museum by bike.
A transport platform including the stop of tour busses, shuttle bus, taxi and car drop off is foreseen in friedrichstrabe and a new path through the park allows the visitors to reach easily the main access of the museum.