Siracusa, 2016


The project concerns the recovery of the lighthouse Cape Murro di Porco. The site is set up as a natural site rich in Mediterranean vegetation and rock walls that extend across much and dropping into the sea.
The kind of hotel that has been advanced about the nature tourism and the possibility of using it as artistica.L'obiettivo gallery is to create a place where you can enjoy art and nature. The hotel of the lighthouse will also be the center of the natural territorial system of the Syracuse area.
The site plan includes different parts of the building that relate to the existing structures, forming an open enclosure.
The centerpiece of the project is connecting plate between the lighthouse and the warehouse which includes recreation and catering. This building is equipped with a large covered outdoor area for outdoor activities.
The pavilions for the guests are of two types, with the splint types suites, placed at right angles to the lighthouse, and four sculptural types surrounded by nature. These are designed to give an authentic nature experience for visitors, who live in direct contact with the elements of the landscape: the Mediterranean, the sky, the sea and the rocks; each suite has a private bath unit located in a building principal services under the shelter plate.
Have been favored the use of natural materials, recyclable, low-maintenance and building systems non-invasive and reversible.