Riqualificazone zona Punta d'Alga

Marsala, 2016


The new Salinella park design criteria follow a landscape approach: the layout of the paths following a geometry that evokes the landscape of salt flats, all the spaces and paths are related with the sea and with the natural landscape in this area. The project is characterized by slight earth movements that incorporate some features of the park, generating new insights and a new perception of the next maritime landscape area.
The project aims to make the park a strategic place for the city of Marsala, a hinge between the Archaeological Park and the Stagnone lagoon. The main entrance of the park is expected in the south-west in connection with Lilibeo archaeological park and the city center. Along Via Vito Falco has additional pedestrian entrance and driveway to the parking lot. The park welcomes activities and functions addressed to the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods and the whole population, some spaces have been designed to accommodate the territorial events.