School in the Park

Riccione, 2017


The project has a global and urban vision and a total green approach; the new school, located inside an urban garden, has the ambition to become a real green lung for the city of Riccione. The school's settlement system follows the compositional principles of a building surrounded by nature and integrated with the city. The new building is longitudinally north-south-west, parallel to the Panoramic road, forming 2 green areas with different characteristics: an area between the building and the northeastern border, the most introverted, quiet for the exclusive use of the school. The other south-west along a panoramic street with a more urban character, mixed use: educational and play for school, entertainment and city events, in extracurricular timetables.  
The compositional principle of the new school is based on the preservation of existing trees and the harmonious symbiosis between architecture and nature. School spaces are distributed organically among the trees; architecture and nature become one thing. Continuity with green is the character of the project. All spaces relate to the outside with which they communicate visually and physically. The outer space becomes part of the project envelops it and enters it inside.