Sacro Cuore church

Villaggio Mose' (Ag), 2017


in collaboration with: archh. G.Farruggia, C.Moncada, V.Cona, prof. G.Ventimiglia, G.Cimò; artisti F.A.Gulino, Crizzo, litrugista V. Trapani, ABGroup ingegneria

The new architectural volume of the liturgical class is embedded in the system of pre-existence and becomes the nodal spindle. The central hall completes and restores the dynamics of the liturgical center and, together with the system of internal and external paths, performs a fundamental formal and functional reconstruction, returning to the complex its general unity and harmony. The architectural volume and the courtyard garden redefine the image the liturgical complex offers to the city.
The central volume is hierarchically distinct and marks the presence of the classroom hosting the assembly of the faithful; it protrudes into a cluster to define a shaded area and is marked outwardly by the motif of the cross that also appears at the top of the bell tower. The yard is deployed in the system of covered paths developed along the front but connected to the adjacent spaces through ramps and stairs, segmenting and rhythmizing project volumes by eliminating architectural barriers. It turns out to be a complex yet strongly architectural body, contemporary but generating some philological suggestion with respect to the image that the site possessed in the past.