school in Floridia

Floridia (sr), 2016


in collaboration with: G.Cimò, A.Bellante, ABGroup ingegneria

The Floridia school aims to become a stimulating and functional place for training and for the relationship with the city, nature, tradition and innovation. The project aims at the school as a place of reference and aggregation for the community. The open court is connected with viale Vittorio Veneto, thanks to the body of the library and the large covering of the entrance portico, and invites the city to cross it and to participate in the cultural activities that can be carried out in the library, the auditorium, the external cavea, educational gardens, or promote sports activities in the gym and the pool. Sustainable strategies for better luminous, thermal and acoustic comfort were followed in the design. All the choices have been weighted by evaluating their economic feasibility.
The 12 classrooms and the 4 laboratories distributed in the body on 2 levels perpendicular to the axis of Viale Vittorio Veneto. All the classrooms are facing south. Those of the first floor jut 2.4m protecting the windows of the classrooms on the ground floor and giving space to 6 internal patios that provide optimal lighting in classrooms, corridors and indirectly in laboratories. The library is equipped with an outdoor terrace with filtered skin that guarantees optimal and indirect lighting for the spaces dedicated to reading and studying. The auditorium has its own entrance and is equipped with a 180-seat audience, accessible stage, bathrooms, cloakroom and projection room. The swimming pool and the gym border the court to the north and east, they are accessible both from the inner court and from the municipal road. The pool volume is glazed on two sides to promote visual permeability between the courtyard and the green air behind it.