Panzacchi Secondary school

ozzano (Bo), 2018

competition. 3rd prize

in collaboration with: G.Cimò, A.Bellante, R. Lena, ABGroup ingegneria

The volume of the new Panzacchi school consists of two parallelepipeds combined: the largest, transparent and ethereal, which houses the 3 levels of the school and the smallest, a full volume with perforated walls, which is the gym. The result is a compact building characterized by the volumetric simplicity and the geometric peculiarity of the facades.
The main space of the school located at the center of the volume is the triple-height space of the agora, characterized by a large scale with integrated seats, which represents the functional, guiding and symbolic heart of the school.
The auditorium, the gymnasium, and the laboratories have been designed as independent and autonomous structures also serving the city of Ozzano. The planimetric and distribution system allows, in fact, to improve the use of the school for the same total surface area. The project includes separate and independent entrances and a system of doors and closures next to the nucleus that guarantee an independent and differentiated use of the laboratories, the gym and the auditorium in extra-school hours, reinforcing the concept of "open" school to the territory.