school center of Sassa

L'Aquila, 2018

competition. 5th prize

in collaboration with: G.Cimò, A.Bellante, ABGroup ingegneria

The settlement principle of the project stems from the dual intention of integrating the new school center with the surrounding fabric and making the building and its interior spaces dialogue with the large-scale territorial context. The architectural solution adopted is that of a building with minimal environmental impact, partially buried, to underline the strong link with the agricultural and natural environment, from which emerges the "floating" body of the first floor which, in relation to the surrounding context, creates a new architectural language, with simple, clear and recognizable volumes.
The project, in addition to satisfying the program and educational needs, provides for the use of services and facilities such as the auditorium, the gym, the library, the cafeteria, the canteen for civic use outside school hours. Separate entrances guarantee the autonomy of the various parts. The green areas system has been designed to offer protected areas dedicated to schools and areas for collective use for the inhabitants of neighboring urban settlements. The new school center will act as a true civic center offering the community cultural and social services that are lacking in the area.