PARMA, 2020


in collaboration with: G.Cimò, A.Bellante

The Masterplan of the area called "Ex Caserma Castelletto", in line with the indications of the announcement, provides for the construction of 3 public buildings: a secondary school located in the north lot overlooking via Sidoli, a primary school in the lot central and the volume of the State Archives to the south, near the Traversetolo road. The three volumes are arranged following the east / west direction, which best suits the geometry of the 3 rectangular lots identified by the DPP, and relate to the context following the main alignments with the existing buildings.
The new first grade secondary school consists of 3 physically connected volumes: the main volume on 2 levels set on a square structural mesh of 7.2 meters; the volume of the gym to the west and the rectangular body on one level of the south canteen.
The project is based on some principles deemed fundamental for the design of an innovative school in a green area such as that of the former Castelletto barracks. These can be summarized in 5 points: 1.Relation with green; 2.Exposition and orientation; 3. Innovative common spaces; 4.Create an identity place h18; 5. Bioclimatic architecture and passive systems.