new judicial offices

Catania, 2020


The new judicial offices of Catania are presented as an iconic and authoritative building, with a recognizable volume integrated into the context in which it stands, with welcoming and open spaces to the city. The design intention is to offer visitors and passers-by the opportunity to interact with the building, highlighting, through architecture, that justice is the symbol of democratic life.
The intervention area is located in a strategic position, along the main road axis of Viale Africa and the Ionian coast, adjacent to the "Le Ciminiere" exhibition center and near the railway station. The distinctive element of the context is represented by the chimneys, artifacts of industrial archeology linked to the refining of sulfur, which stand on a dense 1-2-level building fabric that today houses the homonymous cultural center of the city of Catania. The settlement principle of the project starts from the reading of the place and has two objectives. Maintaining the pre-eminence and iconicity of the chimneys in the urban skyline through the horizontal development of the building, containing the development in height and thus binding to the surrounding building fabric. Create a large public square facing the sea that becomes a reference and meeting point for citizens.