Montagna house

Castellamare del Golfo - project

The landscape quality of the area has oriented the design in order to obtain an architecture that integrates with the context and nature and does not alter the specific characteristics of the agro-pastoral landscape of the Guidaloca river basin.
The project interprets the historical-architectural tradition of rural building to reach a project that has an innovative character by incorporating the concepts of landscape and sustainable architecture. The characteristics of volumetric simplicity, of porticoed spaces next to the living area, and of external courtyard spaces are distinctive elements of the rural settlement typologies that have been reinterpreted to formulate the project proposal in question. To these design elements was added the approach of landscape architecture that led to the decision to collect the volume and, taking advantage of the slope of the lot, hide it in the upper part and leave the view of the rocky wall free.
The composition consists of two heights in height, connected on one side by an external staircase, which correspond to the upper elevation, related to the rock wall, the pool and the solarium and at the lower level the inhabited part and the open courtyards.
The rural house is made up of two volumes at 90 ° connected by a corten roof. Accessing from the entrance to the east in the first volume there is the living room which has large windows opening onto the olive grove and the linear inner courtyard. From a glazed passageway, going down 75cm leads to the volume of the sleeping area with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a patio.

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