vase C+I

Exterior design, 2020

100% - Paint aluminium

Vase C + I has an essential and minimal design both in form and in the absence of decoration. A circular volume designed to host aromatic herbs, flowers, shrubs and plants.
Vase C + I is made of aluminum sheet (5mm thick) and is painted with high resistance powder paints. It is ideal for private and public outdoor environments. It can be made in different sizes and finishes, the one presented on the page has a diameter of 700mm and a height of 350mm + 15mm from the ground. In the lower part there is an integrated under pot that determines the detachment from the ground of the main body while in the upper part there is a double hoop that facilitates the grip for moving and at the same time ensures the easy placement of the mat placed around the inside of the vase. The vase can be personalized with laser cut engravings.