minimal kitchen

Interior design, 2020

100% - solid surfaces Hi-macs

Minimal kitchen is part of a renovation project of a single-family villa on Monte Kronio in Sciacca.
The kitchen is an area of ​​3.8 x 2.5 m which merges with the rectangular space of the living / dining room, forming a single open space open on the Sicilian coastal landscape.
The aim of creating continuity with the minimal living environment is an opportunity to solve some spatial and functional problems: the first concerns the concealment of the protrusions of the structural pillars that are incorporated within the furniture; the second is linked to the circulation following the entrance to the living room, located on the narrow side of the kitchen, which is resolved with a vertical partition to define the paths and uses of the space.
The aim of maximum ergonomics and functionality of the culinary activities is reflected in the large, single-material work space that develops in the shape of an elle and is equipped with specific solutions for the dish drainer, cutlery drainer and spice rack. On the opposite side, to define the kitchen space, there is a cabinet with drawers where there is a bar solution with stools from the outside.
Thanks to a precise and rigorous craftsmanship, adaptation to the particularities of the space was possible and at the same time a high quality level was achieved in the care and customization of the executive details. The use of LG Hi-macs Solid surfaces, on all exposed surfaces, has provided a perfect answer to solve both functional aspects, such as durability, hygiene, water resistance, etc., and aesthetic aspects, such as homogeneity and material continuity, smoothness, purity of color.
Work carried out thanks to the experience and skills of Build Design and the surprising qualities of the HI-MACS® material distributed by Primek.