Opera Pia Barone Mendola, Favara

25 june-25 july 2019

Plastic in the seas reflects a terribly emblematic result of the collective trance of our consumerism and out-of-control industrial growth.
The installation, made almost entirely of aluminum, aims to make people aware of a reduction in the use of plastic, especially that of disposables (glasses, bottles, straws, plates ...). Don't bite to the temptation of plastic, to the convenience of throw-away. "Drop by drop" it irreparably pollutes our seas.
The installation "The Bloody Bottle" was designed for the "Plastic Free" exhibition curated by Prof. Giuseppe Guerrera as an event outside the Farm of the FARM CULTURAL PARK in Favara. With the spirit of recycling and "zero waste", the large circular tank, after installation, will become a piece of furniture for interiors: a seat / container.  
(Installation realized thanks to the masterly work of AluSystems srl. Palermo.)