architettura e design


This volume is the collection of the Architecture and Design works of the first 10 years of the COTTONE + INDELICATO studio.
The volume, divided into 4 parts (Architecture, Competitions, Interior Design, Exterior Design) tells through projects, both realized and not, the design path that Mario Cottone and Gregorio Indelicato took in 2009, after making the decision to return to Sicily - they native land - to field their experience gained in the international studies of David Chipperfield and RCR Arquitectes.
The projects presented in the volume put the teachings of their masters to good use: the elegance of proportions, the minimalist rigor and the search for perfection in details.
The volume is addressed to young architects and architecture students and more generally to those who love beauty, with the aim of transmitting, through their design exploration, a way of doing contemporary architecture in Sicily.
The volume tells about an architecture that enhances the relationship with nature and the landscape, capable of dialoguing with the historical tradition of Mediterranean architecture, thus becoming an instrument for economic and sustainable development.  
Architettura e design 2009-2019 
ISBN: 978-88-98115-55-6 
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