Central Library

Varna (Bulgaria), 2015


The new library will give a dynamic contemporary identity to Varna and will redefine the city skyline. The concept of the project is the book paper sheets. They are re-interpreted in the building by the external skin made with horizontal shelters.
The volume is related with the height of the surrounding buildings. The south west elevation is projected forward characterizing the profile of the building and protecting the fa├žade and the square below from the sun.Ground level and first floor are dedicated to the public program, they are visually and spatially connected by a double height floor lobby. The void extends in all the building connecting visually all the reading areas.
The ground floor steps back giving place to a square that relates the library with the adjacent municipal building. The main entrance is characterized by a linear double height porch along the Osmi Primorsky Polk boulevard.
The reading areas are mainly located along the main facade, looking the landscape and the sea and they are as well related with the inner empty space that becomes the hearth of the library.